A history of Tom Cowan's experience in home building, construction and real estate

Tom started his career in home building with hard labor in the concrete business. After laying that strong foundation for 3 years, it didn't take him long to realize that his future lay in learning and understanding every phase of the building process. With his love of architecture and architectural details, he started his own building and remodeling business at the age of 23. From that point on, Tom has brought a high level of detail to everything he does. Whether it's helping a homeowner build their dreams, an architect keep his plans on track, or a real estate buyer understand every phase of the buying process, Tom's 44 year history in business is present and leading, every step of the way.

Responsibilities and positions Tom has assumed in his career.

• Construction Management
• Owner Representation
• Architectural Consultant
• Architectural Woodwork Detailer
• Development Consultant
• Residential and Commerical Real Estate 

• Home Remoldeling
• Historic Preservation, Restoration and Adaptive Reuse
• Lead Finish Carpenter
• Cabinet Maker
• Sales and Manufacturer’s Rep

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