Master Detailer

Meeting your expectations with an attention to every detail

Fine details are not just random “decals”. In fact they need to be a part of, and in support of, the “entire Architectural intent and expression”.

The integrity of any project depends on both hidden and exposed details. A home's structural integrity is highly dependent upon the hidden details of the foundation, steel, framing, mechanicals and all other building materials that go into a project. Of equal importance, the fine finishes in a home should support the human spirit and convey a sense of well being. This is best accomplished by applying the rules of proper proportion and scale to surfaces and space, the use of color, light, the understanding of patterns, all being fundamentals of good design.

Whether you're a homeowner looking for inspiration or an architect in need of a partner who will work with you to bring your details to life, Tom brings a passion to every project. From fine architectural woodwork, paneled rooms, support for other design professionals, to the detailing of one of a kind architectural elements, Tom's collaborative spirit supports your success.

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